The First Day

My College Life- The First Day (Part 2)

college life
The way in which I was able to survive this remains a mystery.

Walking through the unfamiliar college campus earlier in the day I had seen one of the many other freshman who had actually attended my high school. He had been a part of the sports clique in school; a lacrosse player. But here, on this new campus, we were the same. “Hey!” he said, as if we were old friends (I don’t think we had ever spoken prior to this moment). “What’s up?”

“Hi.” I stopped walking and subtly looked behind me to be sure he wasn’t talking to someone else. “Just trying to get all my shit together.” I figured I’d throw in a curse word in order to sound cooler (for the record, it didn’t work).

“I hear that for sure. Listen, a bunch of us are getting together in Dana’s room later to hang out, maybe watch a movie or something. Do you know her? Dana Coolidge?”

“Sure- we graduated with her, right? Where is she?”

“She’s in Davis, the low-rise behind me. Room 230. Around 9?”

“That’s great. I’m just going to dinner with my mom, so I’ll come by after.”

“Okay, I’ll see you then!” My new best friend walked away. I was so thankful for the invite, even though I really didn’t know anybody that had come here from my former school. Hopefully, we could all commiserate, though.

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