Into the Machine

I can’t even think of a word to describe the color. It was far too light to be brown, yet too dark to be beige. It was best characterized as the color of sadness. Yes, sadness is the most accurate way to describe the robe that cloaked my body as I prepared to go into the MRI machine. I gathered the extra material around myself, as not to expose my naked body to the technician. The one-size-fits-giant-man garment hung off my frame and I laughed nervously in response to the technician’s friendly greeting, preparing myself for the two-hour procedure.

Don’t move! I warned my body. Any movement and we have to do the test over again!

MRI ScannerI hoped the sleep-inducing allergy pills that I had taken would kick in soon, as I didn’t want to be alone with my own thoughts for too long, afraid of what my brain might conjure up.

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