“An Absent Detail” Introductory

Parenting can be straightforward a lot of times:

“No, you can’t have Oreos for breakfast.”
“Yes, you have to go with the family to Aunt Suzy’s house for her dog’s wedding.”
“Don’t lick your brother.”
“Eat a piece of lettuce, for God’s sake. Just one freaking piece of lettuce!

lettuce detail

I’ve notice that as the kids get a bit older, however, situations become more difficult and parenting becomes more complicated. Last night was a prime example.

“Only 2 and a half hours left!” Avery cried to me from up in her bedroom. “When she gets here, we’re going to pretend to be princesses, then play Jenga, then we’ll color a picture, then I’ll play her the new song I learned on the piano, then we’ll read my new library book, then we’ll-“

“I’m only going to be gone for an hour you know. Besides, I don’t think your brother will be too keen about pretending to be a princess.”

“I’ll be a Ninja Turtle,” spoke his voice from behind me.

“Okay,” I laughed, “I guess you’re excited.”

“We haven’t seen Taylor in, like, forever,” she whined while walking down the stairs.

“She babysat you two weeks ago.”

I got updates on Taylor’s much anticipated arrival every 10 minutes until she finally knocked on the door. Friendly as usual, she gave a big wave when I let her in. “Hi Kirsten! Hi guys! Are you ready to have some fun?”

“YesYesYes!!!” they both cried together in unison.

“There’s mac and cheese in the pot for dinner and some info about where I’ll be right here.” My words fell on oblivious ears as the kids jumped up and down holding Taylor’s hands.

“I brought ‘Operation’ for us to play, truck stickers for you, Hunter, and a fairy coloring book.” She winked at Avery.

“Okay, I’m off then. Have fun! Love you!” They must’ve thought I was talking to the neighbors, though, because they completely ignored my farewell. “Okay, then,” I sighed quietly.

“Oh… bye Mom! Love you!” They snapped out of it with a nudge from their sitter, and they ran over to the open door where I was standing.


Pilates was pretty uneventful, and I felt sleepy when I pulled into the garage at 7:40. This was my Friday night out; I lived such an outrageous lifestyle. When I walked in the house, Taylor said hi to me, but looked uncomfortable for some reason. “Hi guys! Did you have fun?”

“Umm, Avery was very anxious for you to come home,” Taylor answered.

“Really? They were so excited that you were coming.” I looked over at Avery who was visibly shaken and had tears in her eyes.


~To be continued~

Sometimes living life at its maximum, sometimes barely eking by. Trying to get through parenting with a modicum of sanity intact.


  1. You have got to me kidding me. You can’t leave us hanging like this. Not since Breaking Bad have I been so anxious for the next episode.

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